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Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports Health Initiative - Free Health Assessments

  • 01 Sep 2019
  • 31 Oct 2019
  • Port of Brisbane, QLD 4178



Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports - Health Assessments

As part of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports project, all businesses within the Port of Brisbane precinct have the opportunity to receive free preventative health assessments for their workforce. Maroussia, Port of Brisbane & NHVR are excited to be partnering with Heart of Australia to provide this cutting-edge employee health screening service.

A Heart of Australia preventative health assessment takes just 20 minutes and involves a short online questionnaire followed by a minimally-invasive physical assessment and finger-prick blood test with a Registered Nurse. The Registered Nurse will set up on-site at your depot / office and can complete up to 30 health assessments per day. Sessions can be run either as a half day or full day, depending on your participant numbers.

Sessions will be booked for either the week starting Monday 16th September or Monday 14th October. Please indicate your preference when registering your interest.

During the assessment, participants will have their health assessed across the following areas:

  • Physical: Blood Pressure, Body Composition, Respiratory Function, Risk of Diabetes, Lipid Profile, Liver Function, Kidney Function;
  • Lifestyle: Nutrition, Movement & Fitness, Sleep, Alcohol, Smoking;
  • Psychological: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Social Health, Motivation.

This health screening is a convenient way to provide your employees with comprehensive and confidential insights into their physical and mental health. Participants receive a 20-page report that has been individually reviewed by a GP and contains a range of personalised recommendations. It outlines the greatest risks to their health, and provides clear, actionable steps to address these risks.


To be involved you need:

  • a minimum of 10 participating employees for a half day session (maximum 15 participants) or a minimum 20 participating employees for a full day session (maximum 30 participants).
  • to provide a discreet room with table, 2 chairs and access to a power point.

If you would like your company to participate in this project, please register your interest

For more information, please contact Lisa Fraser on 0405 152 952 or [email protected].

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